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While launched on November 1, 2017, the magazine previously published under the name Popjournalism. Popjournalism, as the name implied, examined media and pop culture issues. It launched on January 1, 2000 and ceased publishing in July 2017. Archives are still available at Popjournalism.ca.

Many posts from Popjournalism will be migrated to ‘s archives in the near future.

Roland Godefroy
904 Words

Hallelujah: how an ignored Leonard Cohen song became a modern legend

What makes the song so powerful and why has it affected so many people around the world?

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Visual Arts
243 Words

Dead grasshopper found inside van Gogh masterpiece

A paleo-entomologist couldn’t use the grasshopper to more precisely date the painting. It had died before landing on the canvas.

Culinary Arts
493 Words

Toronto pop-up restaurant out to bust HIV food-preparation myths

A Toronto pop-up restaurant is out to bust the myth that you can contract HIV from prepared food.

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579 Words

Conor Woodman talks Hunting Nazi Treasure

History Canada’s new series documents a real-life, present day search for stolen Nazi works of art.

495 Words

Robin Gill shares her top Vancouver cultural spots

The Global National Weekend anchor reveals her favourite restaurants, wines, and what kind of art she collects at home.

Interdisciplinary Arts
919 Words

Why tech giants are investing millions in AI that can play video games

Games are proving to be one of the best ways to understand how people behave and how human psychology interacts with AI behaviour.

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1465 Words

Being Ben Mulroney

In a candid Q & A, Mulroney talks about fame, family and the third season of Canadian Idol

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504 Words

Mae Moore's real life

The Canadian singer-songwriter reflects on her ‘Collected Works 1989-1999’

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1132 Words

Meet Jann Arden, best-selling author

The prolific singer-songwriter talks music and chats up her latest collection of personal journals

1657 Words

Canadian hitmakers Wild Strawberries get deep

Pop-rock radio duo thoughtfully evolve in their latest album, ‘Vesper 50’

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1346 Words

Inside the mind of Canadian radio's most important executive

A one-on-one conversation with Susan Marjetti, CBC’s executive director of Radio and Audio

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1485 Words

Meet CBC Indigenous journalist Connie Walker

The award-winning reporter is on the front lines, sharing the stories of Canada’s missing and murdered Indigenous women.