Updates and coverage about arts, culture and creative Indigenous events from or about Indigenous creatives across Canada and around the world.

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Writing is the air I breathe: publishing as an Inuit writer

I am the poet with her work attached to a clipboard. I am surprised that my first published work, Annie Muktuk and Other Stories, is a book of short stories. There’s irony in that.

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David A. Robertson shares his favourite Winnipeg cultural spots

The Governor General’s Award-winning Indigenous author talks up Winnipeg’s best and brightest local arts and culture

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Victoria's Secret does it again: cultural appropriation

Indigenous peoples are proud of their heritage, and want to share much of it, but on their own terms.

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Meet CBC Indigenous journalist Connie Walker

The award-winning reporter is on the front lines, sharing the stories of Canada’s missing and murdered Indigenous women.

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On the road with Carla Robinson

The CBC host talks about being the first, and still the only, Aboriginal national TV anchor on the three major Canadian networks

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Susan Aglukark returns with a new album, attitude

The Inuit pop star talks about her album ‘Big Feeling’ and reveals how her wide acclaim took a personal toll, leading to a breakdown.

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Carla Robinson is made for TV

CBC journalist on the fast track to success